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I've been training at Fit For Life for a few years. It has always been a great experience with personalized attention for my needs, goals, and level of fitness. However, about a year ago I started to see a remarkable change.

Fit for Life started a "Biggest Loser" contest in the club. I really wanted the accountability, so I joined! Ty gave me some basic nutrition tips that allowed me to make a life style change that I could live with long term. I set my goal to weigh 138 by the time I turned 50 in November. With consistent training twice a week, and clean, healthy eating, I beat my goal and weighed 134 by my 50th birthday! I couldn't believe it - I had lost 25 pounds!

Here it is 5 months later and I've managed to maintain my weight. Working out at Fit for Life is fun and rewarding. We always have a good time while working hard. And most importantly, I love the accountability. Unlike joining a fitness club, where you work out whenever you can fit it in, at Fit for Life you have an appointment. This system works best for me because I will make time for an appointment. Otherwise, I'll find too many excuses as to why I'm too busy to exercise. It has been the best thing I could do for my health - and at age 50, health becomes more important than ever.

~ Tammy Martin

Ty and Fit for Life have transformed my life. I can't believe how great I feel now. I have lost 10% body fat and now maintain about 9% body fat, which I never thought was possbile. Do yourself a favor and call Ty today so you can finally get the restults that you want!

~ Rob Mehal

I have been working with Ty Jones at Fit for Life for several months. I have seen great progress towards my personal fitness goals. I have lost 17 pounds so far. My body fat percentage has gone from 35.2% to 26%. And, I have seen a muscle gain of 7.4 pounds. I highly reocommend Ty Jones as a personal trainer. Ty is knowledgable, supportive and motivating. The workout environment is clean and comfortable. Working out at Fit for Life has been a positive experience for me. I highly recommend Ty and Fit for Life!

~ Heather Stuit

“Ty has been my personal trainer and dear friend since 1993. The energy, passion and caring that he devotes to his clients, and to the training industry in general, is unparalleled. Every session with Ty is fun, inspiring and productive.

~ Lisa M. Ford

“It is extremely clear to me that Ty has a genuine caring for the health and improvement of everyone he comes in contact with, and his passion drives him to stick to his principles of integrity, always listen to his clients and stay up on the latest and most advanced training techniques.”

~ Dr. Justin Fierro

Dear Ty,

“Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me. I feel great, healthy and have more energy than I’ve had in the last 10 years!

Thanks again for you warmth, friendliness and professionalism in getting my strength back.”

~ Dr. John Rabson

Love working with Ty, Justin and the Fit for Life Team. It's a super positive environment and these trainers absolutely know their stuff. Try FFL, it's a very special place!

~ Evelyn Sacks

I have started and stopped working out and eating right so many times I can not count. I started in March of 2013 with Fit for Life and still train 3 days a week at Fit for Life. I have lost 25 pounds and the only way I accomplished this was with a trainer. Victoria is AWESOME and so is Ty!! Stop trying to do on your own and get help.

~ Patrick Hiller

I have been going to Fit for Life for personal training for 4 years. I began after having back problems during my 5th pregnancy. I went from having chronic issues to being strong enough to run a half marathon. Ty has been my trainer for the last couple of years and is a great asset to my personal health. He has helped me set goals as I have gotten stronger, and is a great motivator as I strive to reach those goals. After becoming pregnant with my 6th child, I was determined to strengthen my core, so that my labor and delivery would go as smoothly as possible with a quick recovery. Ty was great at changing my workouts to fit the needs of my everchanging body. I worked out with him twice a week up until the week before I delivered. It was the best delivery and recovery I have had. My body recovered so much more quickly than with my previous babies. All the trainers at Fit for Life are great, and work with a wide range of clients from body builders to pregnant mommies.

~ Pam Tong

Ty really understands how to individualize workouts to meet the needs of each person that he works with. His workouts and challenging but fun and Ty is always a pleasure to be around. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a personal trainer to give Ty a will not regret it.

~ Robby Fullerton

Ty and his team are wonderful! They are professional and truly care about doing everything they can to help you attain physical health. They started me on a journey to health many years ago, and what they did for me I can never thank them enough.

~ Gina G.



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