Fit for Life Team

Victoria Bradley

Victoria has been emerged in sports throughout her life. As a swimmer, gymnast, cheerleader in high school to martial arts, tennis and running as an adult, she is always looking for a way to “move”.

That translated into a love for teaching others to move. Victoria has been a gymnastic coach, kickbox instructor and group weight training Instructor but is most comfortable one on one as a personal trainer.

“Personal training is more than a job to me. Sharing my love for fitness and helping people feel the benefit of movement is so rewarding!”

“My focus with clients is not to convince them to eliminate things from their lives, but that happiness and good health will come from what we ADD to our lives. (Movement, healthy foods, prayer, music, friends etc.). When you add positive elements to your life, you don’t have space for the negative junk, and rarely miss it!”

In 2006 Victoria was issued a grant for her program “Fit in fifth” that teaches fifth graders how to take responsibility for their own health through nutrition and movement. That program has won 1st place at the district level for outstanding unit and 2nd place in the state.